Day 10- The final day!!

As usual, we started off the day by shelving books. Today we feel sad to leave but we’re really happy about the way these past two weeks have been, it’s brought us a lot of fun. As it’s our last day, and Friday, we get to have cake in celebration of work experience (and Geoff’s birthday on Monday!)

For the last time, we went to find missing books, we ended up finding one but that was rewarding enough. Over the whole two weeks we’ve found a total of around ten books!


After lunch we got to finish sorting out the records and the cabinet. We created a step by step guide for people to use the turntable.


It’s the end of the final day here at the English Faculty Library and it’s time to say goodbye, all of us have had a wonderful time here and we’ve learnt so much. Today has been a nice, calm finish to our work experience and we’ll surely miss this place.



Thank you to everyone who has been with us through our work experience!





Day 9

It’s the penultimate day and we have mixed emotions; we are sad that are time here is coming to an end but we also feel incredibly grateful and happy about working in the EFL.

We’ve begun our day with the social media take over, so far it’s been real fun to see the reactions and likes we get from the posts.

To help in our twitter adventure, we went around the library to take fresh photos, we also ended creating a very heart felt poem (if you can even call it that)


Throughout the entire day we will be using all of the EFL’s social media so make sure to check it out!

Quick update:

Our social media takeover day has been fun, we have been busy with other things though as well. Earlier we got to decorate the record cabinet for the first floor. We tried to bring the musical feature alive by getting laminated copies of the record covers to stick over the cabinets’ door. We have been given more DVD covers to design too, this time Shakespearen DVDs.



Day 8

Today we finally finished our graphic novel display after three days. It came together  well and we think it looks really eye catching.


Since we didn’t have much to do after finishing the display and presentation, we set off to find more missing books. With a little luck we managed to find just two; it’s getting harder and harder to find them each time we look!

We have been told tomorrow that it’s our time to do the Twitter takeover! It’s excititng, i mean, teenagers and social media, what’s a more closer pair than that!

Link to the #twittertakeover

Day 7

This morning, we cracked straight on with our display and did it mostly for the rest of the day. it is really coming together and we are really pleased with it. we have decided to include a theme of politics when we chose what novels to include in our display. We also have a cabinet for history of graphic novels and another cabinet for our favourite graphic novel. We are still writing text for each book but we should finish that by tomorrow.

The presentation is finished and the display cabinets are nearly done. We can’t wait for tomorrow to finish it!


Day 6

Today, we started by shelving books and checking the sidgbox. After this, we created DVD cases and that was fun because we got to use our designing skills and we worked together.

The main part of our day was spent researching and creating a powerpoint display about graphic novels for The Benson Gallery. Over the next few days, we will continue this in order to be ready to display our final presentation. We also researched the history of graphic novels to add to our work.

Overall, it was a very productive day!



Day 5

Today is the second open-day and the end of our first week! We started our morning by creating a display power point for the last open-day. We got to take photos and got to see what the students thought about their time here in the EFL comments book.




Day 4

Today was the first open day and seeing people coming into the library after a quiet week was interesting. We finished the display boards and sorted out the DVD case to prepare for the visitors. Whilst Geoff and other members of staff gave tours, we were busy processing books and endlessly stamping; this was great as we were never bored and always had a task. After this, we checked if e-books were available using reading lists and iDiscover. We have previously done this so we were basically experts ;).

Once lunch was over, we went around the library to find long-lost books. It was a challenging task as the books could have been hiding anywhere! However, it was a really rewarding experience whenever we found one. In the end we found around 10 books which was thrilling!

At the end of the day, we got a book from the Sidgbox box that came from the University library, we ran out of time so we didn’t get to go visit the UL but we are going there tomorrow which is exciting!